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Frank Converse - CORONET BLUECoronet Blue - Password needed to unlock the mystery of Michael Alden (Frank Converse), a man (suffering from amnesia) fished out of the East River on the mystery adventure CORONET BLUE/CBS/1967). The only thing that he remembered was the phrase "coronet blue." As the theme song revealed "deep down inside my brain, I keep hearing that wild refrain, coronet blue."

The series was not renewed after it filled as the summer replacement for THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW/CBS/ABC/1967-79, so the viewers never discovered what the cryptic phrase "coronet blue" really meant. Frank Converse resurfaced on the crime drama NYPD the following fall season.

Theme Song Lyrics

Coronet Blue... Coronet Blue...
Deep down inside my brain I keep hearing that wild refrain.

Coronet Blue... No other clue...
I know that this must be the key that can set me free.

For I was born just yesterday and only have a misty river
Always a' moving like the river. If I linger I will die...

And so I go my lonely way a vision heads 'him' to danger
Even to myself a stranger. Wonderin' who am I?

TRIVIA NOTE: Years later, writer and creator of the series Larry Cohen revealed the secret to the "Coronet Blue" mystery in his 1996 biography, "The Radical Allegories of an Independent Filmmaker."

"The actual secret is that Converse was not really an American at all. He was a Russian who had been trained to appear like an American and was sent to the U.S. as a spy. He belonged to a spy unit called 'Coronet Blue.' He decided to defect, so the Russians tried to kill him before he can give away the identities of the other Soviet agents. And nobody can really identify him because he doesn't exist as an American. Coronet Blue was actually an outgrowth of 'The Traitor' episode of  THE DEFENDERS." (that aired February 16, 1963)

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