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Safe LockMannix Office Safe - On the detective drama MANNIX/CBS/1967-75 Mike Connors played the role of Joe Mannix, a rough and tumble Armenian-American private eye. He secured all his valuables in a Kessler safe hidden in a niche behind the arch-topped chest in his Los Angeles office.

To access his office safe please follow these instructions: Move the golf clubs in front of the safe; then turn the tumblers Right one turn to 7; Left two turns to 24; and finally Right one turn to 15.

One suggestion. Joe carries a .38 snub-nosed Smith & Wesson detective special that he holsters at the small of his back for fast draw. So I suggest you don't let Joe catch you in his safe. He's sure to...K-I-C-K your A-S-S!

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