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Sam Malone's Phone Codes - On the sitcom FRASIER/NBC/1993-2004 womanizer Sam Malone (Ted Danson) traveled to Seattle to see  his psychiatrist friend, Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer).

During his visit, Frasier fields a phone call for Sam from a romantic interest (Tia Leoni) who had tracked him to Frasier's apartment. To communicate his message to Frasier, Sam uses hand signs. One finger meant: Sam was not here; and two fingers meant: He was here but he had left.

Frasier accidentally got them mixed up and apologized to Sam because it had been a long time since he had used them at Cheers, Sam's Boston bar.

Another problem arise when Sam asks for advice on his upcoming marriage, and Frasier learns he had an affair with Sam's fiancée, Sheila.

Cast of CHEERS
Sam Malone and his friends at Cheers

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