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Planets (Alien Home Worlds)
Planets Inhabitants Program
Melmac Alf Alf
Krypton  Kal-EL (a.k.a. Superman)  Adventures of Superman
Tencton   George Francisco     Alien Nation
Centauri Prime  Londo Mollari Babylon 5
Epsilon 3 (Euphates) Great Machine           Babylon 5
Minbar   Delenn & Lennier   Babylon 5
Narn  G'Kar Babylon 5
Vorlon Kosh & Vorlons    Babylon 5
Z'ha'dum The Shadows           Babylon 5
Kobol  The Colonials  Battlestar Galactica
Cylon  Reptilian Creatures      Battlestar Galactica
Throm Hawk Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Mars Mysterons Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons
Twilo Kolak ("Walnut" Episode) Dick Van Dyke Show
Gallifrey  Timelords - Dr. Who      Dr. Who
G-889 Terrians/Grendlers    Earth 2
Taelon Da'an Earth: Final Conflict
Jaridia Bolvak and Vorjak Earth: Final Conflict
Commerce Planet Peacekeepers      Farscape
Luxon Ka'dargo Farscape
Zetox The Great Gazoo The Flintstones
Quasar King Zandor, his wife Tara, and their son Dorno - in the land of Amzot The Herculoids
Jupiter Johnny Jupiter           Johnny Jupiter
Jupiter Ilea Spacecraft Crew      Jupiter Moon
Ork  Mork   Mork & Mindy
Mars Uncle Martin   My Favorite Martian
Anterias Troy Ethel Garland Out Of This World
Quadris Matthew Star     Powers Of Matthew Star
Vegetan Ficus Panderato     Quark
Earth'sMoon Gidney & Cloyd      Rocky & His Friends
Remulak   Coneheads   Saturday Night Live
Psychon Maya Space: 1999
Planet X (Cesaria) Black Falcon            Space Patrol
Altor  Creons & Tarns      Space Precinct
Earth's Moon  Star Cops        Star Cops
Medusa Medusans     Star Maidens
Avalon Space Rangers           Space Rangers
Abydos  Abydosians    Stargate SG-1
Romulus & Remus  Romulans  Star Trek
Qo'noS  Klingons - Worf Star Trek: TNG
Betazed  Deanna Troi Star Trek: TNG
Vulcan Mr. Spock       Star Trek
Cardassia Prime Cardassians Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Bajor              Kira Neyrs      Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Ferenginar Quark  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Dominion  Founders & Odo      Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Crouton  Abe & Bo   They Came From Outer Space
Venus Astro Tom Corbett, Space Cadet
Nebula M-78 Ultraman  Ultraman
Sirius IV    The Visitors          V
Mortex  Mortexians War of the Worlds
Morthrai  Morthrains  War of the Words:
The 2nd Invasion

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Jor-El:  Do you hear that rumbling?
Go-Gan: I hear only thunder.
Jor-El:  It is not thunder.  It is an internal eruption...gas exploding in  subterranean pockets. The time will come. And that time is perhaps very near at hand when you'll wish you heeded the words of Jor-El...when Krypton is shattered into a hundred million stars...when the glorious civilization we have built is no more...when you and you families are swept from the face of the planet like dust!

          --The Adventures of  Superman (First episode)  


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