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Prison/Fugitive ID Numbers
File Number Offense Person Program
61-5683-1 Bank Heist
(Falsely Accused)
Col. John Hannibal Smith The A-Team
61-5683-2 Bank Heist
(Falsely Accused)
Lt. Templeton "Face" Peck The A-Team
61-5683-3 Bank Heist
(Falsely Accused)
Sgt. B.A. Baracus The A-Team
9215143 Various The Penguin
a.k.a."Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot"
Booking# KB-7608163
Fingerprint# 19M-9400013
Murder (Falsely Accused) Dr. Richard Kimble  The Fugitive
D-72721 Murder Gabriel Bird   Gabriel's Fire
131425   Burglary    Alexander Mundy    It Takes a Thief
93A234  Murder   Simon Adebisi   Oz
97A622 Murder Zahir Arif
a.k.a. Jerome Van Dyke   
97A413  Murder Miguel Alvarez  Oz
97B412  Murder Tobias  Beecher   Oz
97B642 Murder Shirley Bellinger Oz
97G414 Murder Donald  Groves Oz
98H492 Murder  Raoul Hernandez
a.k.a. El Cid
95H522 Murder Augustus Hill   Oz
96J332/98J442 Murder Arnold Jackson
a.k.a. Poet
97K186 Murder Jefferson Keane  Oz
98K514 Murder Chris Keller  Oz
005871 Murder Enrique Morales Oz
98P204 Murder Cyril O'Reily Oz
97P904  Murder  Ryan O'Reilly Oz
97P468  Murder Chucky Pancamo Oz
65R814  Murder Robert Rebadow Oz
01R289 Murder  Burr Redding   Oz
97S444 Murder  Kareem Said Oz
95S604 Murder Nino Schibetta  Oz
92S110 Murder  Vernon Schillinger  Oz
97W566 Murder Kenny Wangler
a.k.a. Bricks
01W711 Murder Omar White Oz
94941 Bank Robbery Michael Scofield Prison Break
Interpol Record 33-7648-8 Computer Hacking Dee Dee Cummings She Spies
E 804533 Master Thief Shane Phillips She Spies
42997 Bank Robbery   Roger Dunphy Stand By Your Man
01832 Bank Robbery   Artie Popowski  Stand By Your Man
193325   Embezzlement Jack Martin Cole Sword of Justice
8452465 Murder T.S. Turner   T & T
659142 Jewel Theft  Vicki Springer Women in Prison
689055 Jewel Theft  Vicki Springer Women in Prison
628524  a.k.a. 000023 Bank Robbery   Eve Shipley Women in Prison
596085  a.k.a. 519731 Embezzlement Pam Norwell Women in Prison
856095  a.k.a. 563478 Prostitution Bonnie Harper  Women in Prison
526482  a.k.a. 447210 Assault Dawn Murphy Women in Prison


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