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Liberace's Candelabrum - A replica of a Louis XIV candelabrum always graced Liberace's piano when he performed in concert and on his musical variety program THE LIBERACE SHOW/NBC/CBS/1952 & 69.

Liberace and his Candelabrum

Liberace first placed a candelabrum on the top of his piano in the 1940s to give his act a little more class.

He once remarked during a January 1954 interview that the "audience seems to sense my inspiration is extracted from the warm glow of those tiny flickering flames."

 In later years, Liberace used an electric candelabrum which he brightened or dimmed by an unseen control.

When ridiculed about his flamboyant costumes and ornamental trappings, Liberace answered his critics with his now classic comeback "I cried all the way to the bank." See also MUSIC & MUSICIANS: "Liberace"

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