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Uncle Croc - Charles Nelson Reilly starred as Uncle Croc, an adult in a crocodile suit who hosted UNCLE CROC'S BLOCK/ABC/1975-76, a Saturday-morning spoof of children's TV shows.

Charles Nelson Reilly as Uncle Croc

Assisted by Mr. Rabbit Ears (Alfie Wise) and constantly bickering with his director, Mr. Bitterbottom (Jonathan Harris), the program featured regular cartoon segments including FRAIDY CAT, the tales of a cat who has used up 8 of his lives with only one to go; M*U*S*H (Mangy Unwanted Shabby Heroes - an animal version of M*A*S*H), and WACKY AND PACKY about a trials and tribulations of a prehistoric man transported to the 20th century with his pet pachyderm.


Despite the fact this program hoped to parody children's shows, it was remarkably like the subject it intended to lampoon. The show's original 60-minute format was shortened to 30-minutes before it was finally canceled.

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