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Boar's Nest - Roadside bar & grille on the rural comedy adventure THE DUKES OF HAZZARD/CBS/1979-85.

The Noar's Nests in Hazzard County , Georgia - THE DUKES OF HAZZARD

The Boar's Nest was owned by Jefferson Davis "Boss" Hogg, (Sorrell Booke) a conniving little fat man in white clothing who controlled most of the southern region of Hazzard County, Georgia including its dimwitted Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane (James Best).

Sorrell Booke as Jefferson Davis 'Boss' Hogg - THE DUKES OF HAZZARD

Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke - THE DUKES OF HAZZARD

Boss Hogg Daisy Duke

Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach), a shapely country girl and cousin of the Duke boys, worked at the Boar's Nest.

Early in the series, The Boar's Nest reminded its customers "there's a one-dollar cover charge to keep out the riffraff."

TRIVIA NOTE: Waylon Jennings, who sang the series' theme song and narrated the program's action used to hangout at a real "Boar's Nest" in his younger days.

The place was the home of a local Nashville woman named Sue Brewer, who often opened her heart, home and pocket book to many a struggling country western singer.

Waylon Jennings and friends, who congregated at Sue's home to share stories, new songs and friendship, dubbed their meeting place the "Boar's Nest."

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