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Central Perk Café - Based in Manhattan, the "Perk" is a neighborhood coffee bar and the frequent hangout of close friends Monica Geller, her brother Ross, and best friends Rachel Greene (who worked, for a time, as a waitress at the Perk), Chandler Bing, Joey Tribianni and Phoebe Buffay [who played guitar at the Perk].

The Central Perk Cafe - FRIENDS

The Central Perk is 100 footsteps from Monica's apartment [as estimated by Joey Tribianni]. It serves really big cups of coffee and provides nice comfortable couches and chairs to rest your weary bones.

Coffee Menu at the Central Perk - FRIENDS
The coffee menu at the Central Perk

Interior of the Central Perk - FRIENDS
Interior of the Central Perk

Waitress Rachel serves coffee at the Central Perk - FRIENDS
Rachel serves her friends coffee at the Perk

Terry [who has a beautiful wife] is the owner of Central Perk. Gunther [who silently yearns for Rachel] is the store's manager.

Phoebe and Rachel in front of the Central Perk - FRIENDS
Phoebe and Rachel in front of the Central Perk

TRIVIA NOTE: The Central Perk is based on the Manhattan Café in New York’s West Village.

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