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Chez Louisiane  - Creole restaurant showcased on the black situation comedy FRANK'S PLACE/CBS/1987-88.

Exterior Shot of the Chez Louisiane - FRANK'S PLACE
Exterior of Chez Louisiane in New Orleans

Located in New Orleans, Chez Louisiane was owned by Frank Parrish (Tim Reid), a former Professor of Renaissance History from Boston who moved South to manage a restaurant willed to him by his father.

The staff of the Chez Louisiane included:

  • Frances E. Williams as the elderly hostess "Miss Marie" Walker
  • Francesca P. Roberts as Anna-May, the head waitress
  • Charles Lampkin as Tiger Shepin, the bartender
  • Tony Burton as Big Arthur, the head Creole chef
  • Don Yesso as Shorty La Roux, the white assistant chef
  • William Thomas, Jr. as Cool Charles, the handyman/bartender

Tim Reid as Frank Parrish - FRANK'S PLACE

Shorty, the assistance chef; Frank Parrish, the owner; and Anna May the waitress - FRANK'S PLACE

Frank Parrish, the owner Shorty, Frank Parrish, Anna-May

Time Reid as Frank Parrish with Daphne Maxwell Reid as Hannah Griffin - FRANK'S PLACE

Tim Reid as Frank Parrish and Tony Burton as Big Arthur, the head chef - FRANK'S PLACE

Frank Parrish with Hannah Griffin

Frank Parrish and Big Arthur

Regulars to the Chez Louisiane were:

  • Ron Harper as Si "Bubba" Weisberger, a local white lawyer
  • Lincoln Kilpatrick as Reverend Deal, a conniving minister
  • Virginia Capers as Mrs. Bertha Griffin Lamour,  a domineering funeral parlor owner
  • Daphne Maxwell Reid as Hannah Griffin, her daughter, a mortician/embalmer and Frank's romantic interest

TRIVIA NOTE: The Chez Louisiane was modeled after the popular New Orleans restaurant Chez Helene. Actress Francesca P. Roberts even worked at Chez Helene to learn a few hostess skills.

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