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 Restaurants, Bars, & Nightclubs at a Glance

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Business Location Type Program
Candy Bar Retroville, USA Fast Food Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Mel's Diner Arizona Coffee Shop/Diner ("Home of the 14 ounce cup of coffee") Alice


Queens, NY  Local Bar All In The Family  

Archie Bunker's  Place

Queens, NY  Bar/Restaurant All In The Family
Martini Bar Boston, MA Bar (Lawyer Hangout) Ally McBeal

Junction Cafe

Mayberry, NC Cafe Andy Griffith Show      
Caritas Los Angeles, CA Demon Bar Angel

Roll Call

Chicago, IL      Bar Angel Street 
Archie Bunker's Place Queen's, NYC Bar Archie Bunker's Place
The Hump (a.k.a. 'Betty's Bar & Grill' and 'Betty's Place') Near Fort Marshall, Charleston, NC Bar (Military Hang out) Army Wives

Bill's Malt Shop 

Los Angeles, CA Malt Shop Bachelor Father 
Nights Malibu, CA Nightclub Baywatch Nights
Burger World Highland, TX Fast Food Beavis and Butthead

Potato Palace 

Southern California   Fast Food Best Times  
The Peach Pit   Beverly Hills, CA Burger Joint Beverly Hills 90210
After Dark Beverly Hills, CA Night Club Beverly Hills 90210

Hell's Kitchen

New York City, NY    Cop Hangout Big Apple
Chubby's Philadelphia, PA Fast Food Boy Meets World


Chicago, IL   Restaurant Brewster Place 

The Bronze

Sunnydale, CA Local Club Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Grotto Sunnydale, CA Local Club Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Espresso Pump Sunnydale, CA Coffee Shop Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Rocket Cafe University of Sunnydale, CA School Cafeteria Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Willy's Bar Sunnydale, CA Bar Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Doyle's Irish Pub  

Boston, MA Irish Pub Boston Public

Cafe Americain

Paris, France  Café Café Americain
The Quake  San Francisco,CA Restaurant Charmed   


San Francisco, CA Nightclub Charmed      


Boston, MA Local Tavern Cheers  
The Hungry Heffer (Norm Peterson's favorite eatery) Boston, MA Restaurant Cheers

Touchdown Club 

Minneapolis, MN Sports Bar Coach
O'Malley's Los Angeles, CA Cop Bar The Closer

Rover's Return Inn 

Weatherfield, UK Pub  Coronation Street

Blue Note Cafe

Mid-Manhattan, NY    Nightclub Crime Photographer
Pogue Mahone Boston, MA Irish Pub Crossing Jordon

Blue Cat Blues Bar 

Dallas, TX   Bar Dangerous Curves            
Pizza King Lawndale, USA Pizza Joint Daria
Chez Pierre Lawndale, USA French Restaurant Daria
The Zen Lawndale, USA Grunge Night Club Daria
Der Waffle Haus Seattle, WA Diner (hangout for the undead) Dead Like Me

Green Lantern

Nashville, TN Country Bar Delta

The Pit

Hillman College, USA  Campus Pub Different World

Charlie Wong's

Central City, USA  Ice Cream Parlor Dobie Gillis    

Kelzey's Malt Shop 

Hilldale, USA Malt Shop Donna Reed Show       
Warsaw Tavern (Formerly O'Reilly's Drug Store - they made great banana splits) Cleveland, OH Tavern Drew Carey Show


New York City, NY Supper Club Dudley
The Boar's Nest  Hazzard County, GA Roadhouse/Bar Dukes of Hazzard  

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