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 Colleges & Universities
Colbert University   Los Angeles, CA

The Bing Crosby Show 

Randolph Harrington College  Boston, MA

Boston Common

Bancroft College Midwest, USA

Bright Promise 

Larry Krandall College  Anytown, USA 

Brothers and Sisters  

University of California   Sunnydale, CA

Buffy The Vampire Slayer 

University of the Midwest (UMW) - Founded 1898
Mascot: Haybailer
Team:   Haybailers
Midwest, USA Campus Ladies
Channing University  Anytown, USA 


Havenhurst College    Northeast, USA

Class of '96

Minnesota State University  - Home of the "Screaming Eagles" Minnesota, USA Coach
Hillman College         Georgia, USA

A Different World 

S. Peter Pryor Junior College       Central City, USA

Dobie Gillis, The Many Loves of 

Chadwick College Massachusetts, USA

Education of Max Bickford 

Leland College    Columbus, OH

Family Ties 

New York City College               New York City, NY


Columbia University New York City, NY

Gideon Oliver 

Ivy College     Ivy, USA

Halls Of Ivy

Braddock University     The South, USA

Hanging In 

Western State University Anytown, USA


Cordella College  Cordella, Midwest, USA

It's A Man's World 

Josiah Kessel College Easy Valley, CA

The Jimmy Stewart Show 

Space University     Orbiting the Planet Jupiter

Jupiter Moon 

Cranepool University  Anaheim, CA

The Life &Times of Eddie Roberts

London University       London, UK

Love & Curses

Alden University     Corinth, USA


Passaic University       Passaic, NJ

Makin' It 

New York University New York City, NY


Columbia University  New York City, NY

Married People

Lynnhaven Women's College  Anytown, USA

Meet Mr. McNutly

New York University  New York City, NY

Misery Loves Company

State College Bryant Park, USA (MIdwest) My Three Sons
Clinton College Los Angeles, CA

Nanny & The Professor 

East Chesapeake College (Harry Stone's Alma Mater)
Mascot: The Grouse
Colors:  Yellow & Green
East Chesapeake, USA Night Court
 Law School (Harvard?) East Coast

The Paper Chase 

Swindon University        USA


Ridgemont College Ridgemont, NY

Please Don't Eat The Daisies

Manhattan College  Manhattan, NY


Philadelphia College    Philadelphia, PA

Pursuit Of Happiness

Harvard       Cambridge, MA


Lynnhaven College For Women Anytown, USA

The Ray Milland Show 

Comstock University Anytown, USA

The Ray Milland Show

Haddon Hall Women's College Wingfield, VA


Wassamatta U. Frostbite Falls in Koochiching County, Minnesota Rocky & His Friends/The Bullwinkle Show
Saginaw University Saginaw, NJ


UCLA  Los Angeles, CA

The Sandy Duncan Show

California University        Southern California

Saved by the Bell - The College Years 

Georgetown Institute Of Science Georgetown near Washington, DC

Shadow Chasers

London University   London, UK

She-Wolf Of London

Georgetown University Washington, DC


Selmar City College Los Angeles, CA

Sunset Beat

L.A. Technical School Los Angeles, CA

Three's Company 

Princeton University Princeton, NJ    

Young Indiana Jones 

Zazoo U - School For Animals Anytown, USA

Zazoo U 

"College tuition: $40,000. Room and Board: $10,000. Puking and passing out on your parent's dime: Priceless."

-- Det. Stella Bonasera, CSI:NY

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