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 Middle & High Schools

A - K / L - Z

Highland High School Highland, TX Beavis and Butthead

JFK High School

Southern California The Best Times     

West Beverly High School 
Colors:   Blue & White
Team: "The Wildcats"
Paper:   West Beverly Blaze

Beverly Hills, CA Beverly Hills 90210

Richard Allen Holmes High

Los Angeles, CA The Bill Cosby Show     

Winslow High School 

Boston, MA Boston Public 

John Adams Junior High  

Philadelphia, PA Boy Meets World 
Westdale High Los Angeles, CA Brady Bunch

Benjamin Harrison High

Bronx, NY The Bronx Zoo    

Buchanan High School 

USA Buchanan High    

Sunnydale High School 

Sunnydale, CA Buffy The Vampire Slayer   

Manhattan High School

Manhattan, NY City Guys 
Central High School           Brooklyn, NY Cosby 
Casper High School USA Danny Phantom
Lawndale High School
Team: "Lawndale Lions"
Lawndale, USA Daria

DeGrassi Junior High School

DeGrassi, Canada DeGrassi Junior High      

DeGrassi High School 

DeGrassi,Canada   DeGrassi High 

Central High School 

Central City, USA   Dobie Gillis    

Memorial High School 

Sacramento, CA Eight Is Enough 

Hamilton Middle School

USA The Faculty    
Dimmsdale High School Dimmsdale Fairly OddParents

Performing Arts High School

New York City, NY Fame

Performing Arts High School

Los Angeles, CA Fame L.A.    
Harding High School Columbus, OH Family Ties

Ridgemont High School

Ridgemont, CA Fast Times

Ocean Park High School 

Santa Monica, CA Ferris Bueller 

Hillside High School 

Anytown, USA Fiftee     

Galaxy High School 

Outer Space Galaxy High School    

Westside High School

Santa Monica, CA

Stars Hollow High School Stars Hollow, CT Gilmore Girls
William McKinley High School USA Glee

JFK Junior High School

Indianapolis, IN Good Morning Miss Bliss

Gravedale High School 

Anytown, USA Gravedale High    

Taft High School

Suburbs, USA Great Scott!   
St. Finnian's High Schoool Staten Island, NY Grounded for Life

Dewey High School

Long Island, NY Growing Pains

Oakland, CA School System

Oakland, CA Hangin' With Mr. Cooper    

Jefferson High School

Milwaukee, WI Happy Days

Harper Valley High School

Harper Valley, OH Harper Valley, P.T.A.  

Monroe High School 

New York City, NY Head Of The Class

Colfax High School

Oak Park, IL The Hogan Family 

Cordell Hull High School  

Anytown, USA Hull High 

Sparta Community H. S.

Sparta, MI In The Heat Of The Night 

Larkspur High School

California         Isis (The Secrets Of Isis)    

Van Buren High School

Van Nuys, CA It's Your Move 
Fairfield High School St. Louis. MO The Jersey
Middleton High School
Team: "Middleton Mad Dogs"
Middleton, USA Kim Possible
St. Gregory High School
(Doug's alma mater)
Team: "Commodores"
New York City, NY (Queens) King of Queens
Tom Landry Middle School Arlen, TX King of the Hill
Beachwood High School
Team: "The Pirates"
Seattle, WA Kyle XY

A - K / L - Z

"I have a theory. Your snide remarks earlier? I'm guessing grapes a little on the sour side. Didn't get into any schools, did ya? The grades were there, but ooh, if it weren't for that pesky interview. Ten minutes with you and the Admissions Department decided that they'd already reached their mean-spirited superficial princess quotas."

-- Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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