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 Private Schools
Burgrove Boy's School         Rural England 

A. J. Wentworth, BA 

Palmer School  Hawaii

The Byrds of Paradise 

Hannah Huntley School for Girls Connecticut Dorothy 
Eastland School for Young Women  Peekskill, NY

The Facts Of Life

Chilton Preparatory School Hartford, CT Gilmore Girls
Brookfield School  Rural England

Goodbye Mr. Chips 

Grange Hill Comprehensive         London, UK

Grange Hill  

Concord Prep School    Southern California

The Headmaster 

Foster School for Girls               San Francisco, CA

The John Forsythe Show

St. Augustine's Academy           Eureka, CA

Just The Ten Of Us

Plumfield School For Boys          Massachusetts

Little Men 

Marlowe School For Gifted Children Marlowe, CA

Out Of This World 

Scottish Girl's School        Scotland, UK

Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

Winnaman Academy (all girls boarding school) Vermont, USA Roswell
Middlefield Academy   Anytown, USA 

Running The Halls 

Woodbridge Academy        Manhattan, NY - Upper West Side

Social Studies

Winthrop Academy  Philadelphia, PA


Scottish Comprehensive School  Strathaird, UK

This Man Craig

American Overseas School  Rome, Italy

To Rome With Love

Upper-Class Boy's School       Rural England

To Serve Them All My Days 

English Boarding School Rural England

Tom Brown's Schooldays 

"Hey Butt-head, I dreamt we were in school, do you think that counts for attendance?"

-- Beavis, Beavis and Butt-Head


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