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 Secret Identities & Alter Egos  (Superheroes, Crimefighters & Villains)
Pseudonym Real Identity Actor's Name Program
Batman Bruce Wayne Adam West Batman
Batgirl  Barbara Gordon Yvonne Craig Batman
Batgirl Barbara Gordon / Oracle Dina Meyer Birds of Prey
Bionic Woman Jaimie Summers Lindsay Wagner Bionic Woman
Black Scorpion Darcy Walker Michelle Lintel Black Scorpion
Captain America Steve Rogers Cartoon Character Marvel Superheroes
Captain Marvel Billy Batson Jackson Bostwick &
John Davy as Captain Marvel and Michael Gray as Billy Batson
Captain Midnight Captain Albright Richard Webb Captain Midnight
Captain Nice Carter Nash William Daniels Captain Nice
Cat Woman Selina Kyle Eartha Kitt / Julie Newmar Batman
The Crow Eric Draven Mark Dacascos The Crow: Stairway to Heaven
The Flash Barry Allen John Wesley Shipp The Flash
The Gemini Man Sam Casey Ben Murphy Gemini Man
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. April Dancer Stefanie Powers The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.
The Green Hornet Britt Reid Van Williams The Green Hornet
The Incredible Hulk Dr. David Bruce Banner Bill Bixby The Incredible Hulk
The Invisible Man Peter Brady Johnny Scripps (uncredited). The Invisible Man (1958)
The Invisible man Dr. Daniel Westin David McCallum The Invisible Man (1975)
The Invisible Man Darien Fawkes Vincent Ventresca The Invisible Man (2000)
Iron Man Tony Stark Cartoon Character Marvel Superheroes
Jetman Oscar North Jack Cassidy He & She
The Lone Ranger John Reid Clayton Moore/John hart The Lone Ranger
The Man From Atlantis Mark Harris Patrick Duffy The Man From Atlantis
The Mighty Thor Dr. Don Blake Cartoon Character Marvel Superheroes
Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards Cartoon Character Fantastic Four
Mr. Terrific Stanley Beamish Stephen Strimpell Mr. Terrific
Oracle Barbara Gordon / Oracle Dina Meyer Birds of Prey
Penguin Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot Burgess Meredith Batman
Phantom (The 24th) a.k.a. "The Ghost Who Walks" Kit Walker Jr.  Scott Valentine Phantom 2040
Queen of Swords Maria Teresa 'Tessa' Alvarado Tessie Santiago Queen of Swords
Riddler Edward "E" Nigma Frank Gorshin Batman
Robin, the Boy Wonder Dick Grayson Burt Ward Batman
Robin Hood, The Outlaw of Sherwood Forest Sir Robin of Loxley Richard Greene The Adventures of Robin Hood
Robin the Boy Wonder Dick Grayson Burt Ward Batman
Jon Sable Nicholas Flemming Lewis Van Bergen Sable
The Saint Simon Templar Roger Moore
Ian Ogilvy
Simon Dutton
The Saint
Return of the Saint
The Saint (The CBS Late Movie)
The Scarlet Pimpernel Sir Percy Blakeney Marius Goring &
Richard E. Grant
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Scarlet Pimpernel (Mini-series)
The Six Million Dollar Man Col. Steve Austin Lee Majors The Six Million Dollar Man
Spider-Man Peter Parker Nicholas Hammond The Amazing Spider-Man
Submariner Namor Cartoon Character Marvel Superheroes
Super Chicken Henry Cabot Henhouse III Cartoon Character Super Chicken
Super Force Dr. Zachary Stone Ken Olandt Super Force
Clark Kent George Reeves
Adventures of Superman 
Clark Kent John Haymes Newton/Gerard Christopher The Adventures of Superboy
Clark Kent Dean Cain Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 
Clark "Jerome" Kent Tom Welling Smallville
Tarzan Lord Greystoke Ron Ely / Wolf Larson Tarzan
Ultra man Andrew Clements Jerry O'Connell My Secret Identity
Witchblade Det. Sara Pezzini Yancy Butler Witchblade
Wonder Girl Drusilla (Wonder Woman's sister) Debra WInger Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Yeoman Diana Prince Lynda Carter Wonder Woman
Zorro Don Diego de la Vega Guy Williams Zorro
Zorro Don Diego de la Vega Duncan Regehr Zorro
Zorro Don Diego de la Vega/Don Carlos del la Vega Henry Darrow
Paul Regina
Zorro and Son
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