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Andromeda Ascendant - A warship in the employ of the Commonwealth, a futuristic government that had been overthrown on the science fiction series ANDROMEDA/SYN/2000-2005.

Starship Andromeda Ascendant

An avatar named "Rommie" (Lexa Doig) was the sentient software programming that ran the High Guard starship Andromeda Ascendant, a Glorious Heritage heavy cruiser (serial number: XMC-10-182). Its official designation is: "Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge AI model GRA."

The Andromeda Ascendant had been adrift in space for three hundred years until a group of space scavengers pull the ship away from the mouth of a black hole. They soon discover the ship's Captain Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo) is still alive. Recruiting his rescuers, he attempts to used the power of the Andromeda to restore order to galaxy.

His crew included: Seamus Harper (Gordon Michael Woolvett); Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder), the captain of the salvage ship Eureka Maru, Tyr Anazazi (Keith Hamilton Cobb) and Trance Gemini (Laura Bertram); Telemachus Rhada (Steve Bacic) and Rev Ben (Brent Stait).

Dylan and the crew communicated with the warship Andromeda via three methods: (1) on view screen, (2) via a shimmering hologram, and (3) as the android avatar, Rommie who announced "I am Andromeda, the ship made flesh."

Rommie, the holographic/avatar interface of the Andromeda Ascendant

After the Rommie android was activated, she offered these insights /questions to her libidinous designer, Harper:

Rommie: I can't help but notice that you engineered my humanoid form with certain...features, that, strictly speaking, aren't necessary for my normal operations.

Rommie: I guess I'm wondering, Harper, when you made this body, who did you do it for?

Rommie: So, when you handled certain parts of me...did you wear gloves?

While Harper had his beady little eyes on Rommie's "Made flesh" android body, she had no time for such frivolity. She made it know in no uncertain terms that "Nobody manipulates me. I do as I choose."

With all her powers, the one thing Andromeda cannot do is pilot the Slipstream. This requires a sentient biological operator with instincts and choice reactions to work the ship effectively.

Although Rommie had distain for Harper (who one night cried out "I want my Rommie!") she secretly felt romantic stirrings for Dylan Hunt. Unfortunately, per Commonwealth regulations she is forbidden to have a romantic relationship between a captain and his ship's. Such an affair would drive her insane as it had with previous model of her kind. Per Rommie: "I've learned...that it's dangerous to love. It can drive you crazy."

Rommie and the cast of ANDROMEDA

Rommie's frustration over her feelings forced her to admit to Dylan "This is ridiculous. I'm the living embodiment of a warship and I can't talk to you without getting tongue-tied." However, Rommie and Dylan had a unwritten understanding that one day when all of the intergalactic turmoil has ceased, that the two of them will sail off into the stars together in search of adventure.

While Rommie was programmed to obey the commander of the starship, she once said "Dylan may not be a god...but on this ship, I am!"

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