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The Beta - Space cruiser featured on the kid's science fiction series ROD BROWN OF THE ROCKET RANGERS/CBS/1953-54.

Crew with model of 'The Beta' rocketship - ROD BROWN AND THE ROCKET RANGERS
Crew with Model of "The Beta"

The "Beta" was a V-2 type rocket ship flown by the Rocket Rangers, an intergalactic peacekeeping force headquartered on Omega Base in the 22nd century.

It's crew included:

  • Commander Swift (John Boruff)
  • Rod Brown, Chief of the Space Rangers (Cliff Robertson)
  • Ranger Wilbur "Wormsey" Wormser (Jack Weston)
  • Ranger Frank Boyce (Bruce Hall).

"CBS Television presents: Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers! Surging with the power of the atom, gleaming like great silver bullets, the mighty Rocket Rangers' spaceships stand by for blast off! Up, up, rockets blazing with white-hot fury, the man-made meteors ride through the atmosphere, breaking the gravity barrier, pushing up and out, faster and faster then - outer space and high adventure for...the Rocket Rangers!" -- Series Opening
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Columbia Record Cover - 'The Rocket Ranger March' - ROD BROWN AND THE ROCKET RANGERS

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