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The Christa - Golden spaceship with retractable wings and a beak-like nose seen on the children's science fictions series SPACE CASES/NIK/1996-97.

The Christa Spacecraft - SPACE CASES

On the premiere episode "We Got To Get Out Of This Place" curious space cadets wandered onto a alien starship adrift in space. The craft's design was organically based with warm walls and honeycombed jump tubes that program the crew's destination throughout the ship.

Space Cadets cross over a light bridge to enter the abandoned Christa spacecraft
Space cadets enter The Christa star cruiser

While tinkering with the ship's controls, The Christa took off through a black hole and deposited our "Space Cases" on the other side of the universe.

Even though the ship had ion drive with solar cells and hyper-drive processors for faster that light travel, it would still take the ship 7 years 4 months and 22 days to return to Earth sans a black hole.


Ship members included:

  • Jewel Straite as Cadet Catalina "Cat", a 15-year-old from Titan (a moon orbiting Saturn) who had an invisible friend named Suzie (played by Becky Herbst). Cat has a sonic scream that is used as both a tool and a weapon.
  • Paige Christina as Cadet Rosie Ianni , a pink 13 year-old from a colony on the planet Mercury. She has a body temperature of 200 degrees. Her parents are doctors.
  • Rahi Azizi as Cadet Bova from Uranus with a chicken bone shaped tuning fork on his forehead. Forever hungry, Bova can channel electricity through his body and forehead antenna.
  • Kristian Ayre as Radu from Andromeda who has an extraordinary sense of hearing.
  • Water Emanuel Jones as Cadet Harland Band, a cocky 18 year-old pilot from Earth and son of Stardog (killed by the Andromedans in the Spung War).
  • Rebecca Herbst as Suzee, who comes from a dimension called Yensid. Initially, Suzee was Catalina's invisible friend. In season two, she came to our dimension to save Cat's life. Consequently Cat switched places with Suzee who now resides in the earthly dimension while Cat lives in Yensid. Suzee has gills to breath in any atmosphere and can temporarily take over a person's mind.

The cadets also discovered an awkward android named THELMA [Techno Human Emulating Machine] (played by Anik Matern) with a cracked gem in her helmet.

 Opening Narration by Harlan Ellison

The Eye of the Future Sees Them:
Five Clever Space Cadets
Snuck Aboard an Alien Ship,
Flung Through a Weird Hole in Space
Thousands of Light Years from the Academy.
Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time...
But will they ever get home?
Or are they forever destined to be...
Space Cases?!

Theme Song Lyrics

Once upon a time in a school in outer space,
There was a class of misfit kids from all around the place.
They snuck aboard a mystery ship,
Which soon slipped through a spacial rip,
And now they're stuck on a long strange trip.
Harlan Band leaps before he looks,
Commander Goddard does not go by the books.
Radu tries to get along,
Thelma functions mostly wrong,
Bova's cloudy, Rosie's sunny,
Davenport is not too funny.
Catalina's best friend Suzee isn't there...
They're Space Cases!

The only two adult members of the crew were Space Academy instructors Commander Seth Goddard (Paul Boretski), a 45 year-old  veteran of the Spung Wars; and T.J. Davenport (Cary Lawrence), the kid's 35 year-old vice principal from earth who also got trapped onboard The Christa. Unfortunately, for them, the ship's controls only responded to the younger cadet's orders.


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