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Eagle Transporter - Spacecraft featured on the syndicated science fiction series SPACE:1999/SYN/1975-77.

Eagle Transporter - SPACE: 1999

When a thermo-nuclear explosion blasted the moon out of earth's orbit in the year 1999, the members of Moonbase Alpha, a research center of 311 men and women trapped on the lunar surface, were sent on a destinationless journey through space.

Despite their predicament, their "Eagle" spacecrafts used for transport and battle assisted the survivors in times of need.

Each Eagle was equipped with both vertical (for take off and landing) and horizontal (travel through space) thruster rockets and belly-mounted lasers (for use in flight) and top mounted lasers (for ground defense). The front compartment of each Eagle could be jettisoned from the main body of the ship in case of emergency.

Three separate models were built for shooting the spaceship's exterior. The largest one was four foot long. All the special effects were filmed in miniature scale settings using photo cut outs for backgrounds.

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