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Earthship Ark - Huge spacecraft featured on the Canadian produced science fiction series THE STARLOST/SYN/1973.

Earthship Ark - STARLOST

The "Earthship Ark" was designed to carry clusters of domed-biospheres which enclosed some 3 million survivors of the planet Earth. Built to save mankind when Earth faced extinction, the spacecraft was sent into space on a course for a new planet.

Unfortunately, an accident 100 years into the flight killed its crew and caused the ship to malfunction. Now 800 years into its voyage, the Ark is on a collision course with a star.

Descendents of the Biospheres (who believed they were actually living on the surface of a real planet) penetrated the master computer room by accident and thus activated the voice-controlled computer computer. With the help of the computer, these survivors (Keir Dullea as Devon, Gay Rowen as Rachel, Robin Ward as Garth) struggle to put the Ark back on course to its original destination.


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