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Enterprise NX-01 - Starship featured in the prequel STAR TREK series ENTERPRISE/UPN/2001-2005.

USS Enterprise - NX-01 - STAR TREK

This was the first Earth ship to travel at warp speed into interstellar space. Its Captain was Jonathan "John" Archer (Scott Bakula). His father, warp engineer Henry Archer capitalized on the invention of the warp drive created by scientific genius Zefram Cochrane and designed the upgraded Warp Drive Five engine that would eventually propel humans to the stars in the year 2151 A.D (to the planet Kronos).

Crew of Enterprise - NX-01

The crew of the NX-01 (chosen in only three days) consisted of:

  • Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III, Chief engineer (Connor Trinneer)
  • Lieutenant Malcom Reed, Tactical officer (Dominic Keating)
  • Ensign Travis Mayweather, Helmsman (Anthony Montgomery)
  • Ensign Hoshi Sato, Linguistics/communications officer (Linda Park)
  •  Dr. Phlox, Chief medical officer, a specialist in alien physiology (John Billingsley)
  • Sub-Commander T'Pol, Vulcan science officer (Jolene Blalock)
  •  Porthos, Captain Archer's pet beagle

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