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Jupiter II - Spacecraft featured on the science fiction series LOST IN SPACE/CBS/1965-68.

Jupiter 2 - Polar Lights Model Kit - LOST IN SPACE

Launched on October 16, 1997, the Jupiter II was bound for the Alpha Centauri galaxy with hopes of finding a planet to support the burgeoning population of earth.

Its crew included:

  • Professor John Robinson (Guy Williams)
  • Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart), his wife
  • Judy Robinson (Marta Kriston), their eldest daughter
  • Penny Robinson (Angela Lockhart), their younger daughter
  • Will Robonson (Billy Mumy), their genius young son
  • Major Donald West (Mark Goddard), the ship's pilot
  • Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris), a reluctant stowaway and an enemy agent whose sabotage attempt got the ship hopelessly lost in space.

Jupiter 2 Crew - LOST IN SPACE

In appearance, the Jupiter II was shaped like a flying saucer with a ring of lights on its underbelly. It's interior consisted of two levels. The upper level housed the guidance controls and suspended animation tubes originally designed to hold the hibernating crew as they traveled across the galaxy.

The lower deck featured living quarters, galley, laboratory, a storage area for the ship's bulky robot, and a compartment containing a shuttlecraft vehicle called the "Space Pod" used for ship-to-planet travel. A small elevator platform and ladder provided passage between levels.

Jupiter II Model Kit - LOST IN SPACE

TRIVIA NOTE: The special effects team of L.B. Abbott and Howard Lydecker designed a variety of models of the ship including a full-scale model for interior shooting and small-scale models for space travel scenes.

The Lost in Space jigsaw puzzle made by Milton Bradley in 1965 featured a full color photo of the Jupiter II.

A new and improved Jupiter II design appeared in the motion picture remake Lost in Space (1997). See also ROBOTS: "Robot B9"

Jupiter 2 - 1997 LOST IN SPACE Movie

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