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Liandra - Allegedly cursed, small interstellar spacecraft that patrols the galaxies in the year 2265 on the sci-fi drama THE LEGEND OF THE RANGERS/SCI/2002-2003.

Liandra Spacecraft - LEGEND OF THE RANGERS

The Liandra houses a crew of 20 men and women who belong to the Rangers, a combination of Humans and Minbari warriors trained in martial arts and space warfare. The last crew members of the Liandra were found dead on board, but no one knows what happened to them.

The latest crew of the Liandra consists of::

  • Dylan Neal as David Martel, the group's leader [the Ranger Council judged Martel guilty for retreating in a battle - to save lives - and consequently got assigned to command the Liandra - "a (piece of junk) ship with a history of its own"]
  • Alex Zahara as Dulann, the Minbari second-in-command - a sort of warrior monk
  • Myrian Sirois as Sarah Cantrell, a human gunnery officer and weapons specialist from Mars Dome One
  • Dean Marshall as Malcolm Bridges, a covert intelligence and infiltration expert
  • Warren T. Takeuchi as Kitaro Sasaki, a communications expert from Earth
  • Jennie Rebecca Hogan as Na'Fell, a hot-tempered female Narn and recent Ranger recruit responsible for the ship's environmental systems and engines
  • David Storch as Tafeek, a Minibari political and first contact expert
  • Enid-Raye Adams as Firell, a Minbari Healer
  • Gus Lynch as Tirk, a recent Drazi recruit of the Rangers.

Crew of the Liandra - lEGEND OF THE RANGERS

The Liandra is one of many ships in the Ranger fleet that travel the galaxy and help repair the damage done to countless worlds during the Shadow War. The Liandra debuted on the pilot episode "To Live and Die in Starlight" that aired January 19, 2002.

TRIVIA NOTE: Headquartered at Tuzinor, the Rangers serve as an arm of the young Interstellar Alliance, under the direct command of President John Sheridan and Ranger One, Delenn. "Their goal is to create the peace," functioning as a sort of military branch for the Alliance. Their motto: "They live for the One; They die for the One." The "One" being Valen, a revered ancient prophet from the Minbari civilization [actually Earth Commander Jeffrey Sinclair who traveled a thousand years back in time to prepare the Minbari people for a great war with alien race known as the Shadows]. See also SCI-FI POLICE - "The Rangers"

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