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The Liberator - Huge alien spacecraft featured on the British science fiction series BLAKES 7/BBC/1978-81.

The Liberator Spacecraft - BLAKES 7

Found abandoned in space, The Liberator was commandeered by escaping prisoners sentenced to exile on the planet Cygnus Alpha by the tyrannical futuristic government known as "The Federation".

Lead by resistance fighter Roj Blake (Garreth Thomas), the new crew included:

  • Kerr Avon, a cold-hearted computer expert
  • Jenna Stannis (Sally Knyvette), a smuggler and loyal supporter of Roj Blake
  • Vila Restal (Michael Keating), a mousy, often complaining safecracker
  • Gan Olag (David Jackson), a burly man with an electronic device called a "Limitor" implanted in his head to prevent him from killing
  • Cally, a telepathic alien trained on the planet Auron in Guerilla warfare who joined the crew soon after it was formed.

Original Crew of The Liberator - BLAKES 7
Gan, Cally, Blake, Vila, Avon, and Jenna

The seventh member of "Blake's 7" was Zen, the master onboard flight computer which controlled the ships vital functions and took voice commands from whomever was in charge of the craft. The voice of Zen was supplied by Peter Tuddenham).

Another super computer called ORAC was brought on board the craft. It was taken from a dying scientist/computer expert. Its voice also was supplied by (Peter Tuddenham).

Later additions to the crew included:

  • Captain Del Tarrant (Steven Pacey), a smuggler/mercenary
  • Dayna Mallanby (Josette Simon), a black female weapons expert whose family was killed by the Federation (Both Del & Dayna joined the cast during the third Season)
  • Soolin, (Glynis Barber) a beautiful and capable female introduced in the fourth season.

The Liberator (destroyed in the last season) was constantly pursued by Servalan (Jacqueline Pearce), the Federation's ruthless female Supreme Commander. Her chief butcher was Space Commander Travis (Brian Croucher), Blake's arch-enemy. See also "The Christa"

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