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Orbit Jet - Spacecraft on the children's science fiction series ROCKY JONES: SPACE RANGERS/NBC/SYN/1954.

Orbit Jet and Silver Moon Spacecraft - ROCKY JONES: SPACE RANGER
Orbit Jet and Silver Moon Spacecrafts

The Orbit Jet was one of two rocketships flown by the Space Rangers, a 21st century galactic police force working for the organization of planets known as the United Worlds. Similar to a V-2 rocket, the Orbit Jet's sleek silver frame used hyperdrive to propel through the vast distances of space.

Its crew included:

  • Chief Space Ranger, Rocky Jones (Richard Crane)
  • Winky (Scott Beckett/Bill Lechner), the ship's copilot
  • Bobby (Robert Lyden), a rookie Cadet in training.

The Orbit Jet launched and touched-down vertically using its four stabilizer fins at the ship's base as landing pads. The Space Rangers alternate spacecraft was called the "Silver Moon."

Rocky Jones: Space Ranger Comic Book

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