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Perma One - Home base of the United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol assigned to clear garbage and debris from space corridors of the Milky Way on the science fiction spoof QUARK/NBC/1978.

Perma One Space Station - QUARK

Space Station Perma One was designed by Otto Palindrome (Conrad Janis). He reported to The Head, a disembodied authoritarian with very big head. From the Perma One, Palindrome assigned clean up missions to Adam Quark (Richard Benjamin) who commanded the UGSP Spacecraft.

His crew members were:

  • First Officer Gene/Jean (Tim Thomerson), a humanoid with male and female characteristics.
  • Science Officer Ficus, a vegetable-like alien (a spoof of Mr. Spock on Star Trek).
  • Betty I (Tricia Barnstable) and Betty II (Cyb Barnstable), a set of gorgeous twin female clones.
  • And a junky contraption called Andy the robot (Bobby Porter).
Quark's spacecraft had a giant maw in front and two mechanical arms to pull in space trash. The ship held 200,000 pounds of compacted waste.

United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol Spacecraft
U.G.S.P. Spacecraft

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