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Polaris - Cigar-shaped rocket ship seen on the children's sci-fi series TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET/CBS/ABC/NBC/DUM/1950-55.

Polaris Spacecraft - Opening Scene - TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET

Based in 2350s, the Polaris was the greatest rocket cruiser in Commander Arkwright's fleet flown by the Space Cadets of Space Academy.

Its crew included:

  • Tom Corbett (Frankie Thomas), a curly Senior Space Cadet
  • Cadet Roger Manning (Jan Merlin), the ship's radar man
  • Cadet Astro (Al Markim), a Spock-like Venusian
  • Cadet Rattison (Frank Sutton)
  • Captain Strong (Michael Harvey/Edward Bryce)

Crew of the Polaris seen through the ships's circular window - TOM CORBETT - SPACE CADET
Cadets Tom Corbett and Astro seen through rocketship's window

The Polaris which took off vertically, sported small landing fins at the base of the rocket which ran up one-fourth the length of the ship. Other space academy ships used on the program were the Falcon, the Hydro, the Orion, the Sirius and the Vega.

Pilots used the Tele-Transceivers for visual communications with the Space Academy and the Strato-Screen for exploring the depths of space. For defense they used the Paralo-Ray which caused temporary paralysis.

Space Academy

TRIVIA NOTE: In astronomy, Polaris (a.k.a. "The North Star") is the name of the star nearest the north celestial pole, located in the Little Dipper portion of the constellation Ursa Minor some 430 light-years from Earth . It is an important star in navigation charts.

Louis Marx Company produced a 3.5" x 12.5" x 3.5" tall litho tin windup rocket ship version of Polaris. A piece of flint beneath the tail fin made sparks when the toy moved.

"Polaris" was also the name of a two-stage solid-fuel nuclear-armed missile built by Lockheed for the US NAVY submarine fleets in the 1960s. The Polaris missiles were replaced by Poseidon and Trident I missiles.

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