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Rickety Rocket - A broken-down, metal patched, smoke-belching, talking rocket ship (with a deep, gravelly voice) featured on a segment of the animated series THE PLASTIC MAN COMEDY ADVENTURE SHOW/ABC/1979-81 produced by Ruby-Spears Productions.

Rickety Rocket with Cosmo, Splashdown, Sunstroke and Venus - THE PLASTIC MAN COMEDY/ADVENTURE SHOW

Rickety Rocket (Al Fann) was built by a futuristic group of black teenagers who owned the Far Out Detective Agency. The teens included:

  • Bobby F. Ellerbee as Cosmo
  • Johnny Williams as Splashdown
  • Jack Baker as Sunstroke
  • Dee Timberlake as Venus

Opening Narration

Announcer: Far off in the future, a far-fetched mechanical miracle takes shape as a pile of junk turns into an out of this world scientific marvel.
Rickety Rocket: Rickey Rocket, blast off!
Announcer: It's Rickety Rocket and the gang
Teen Voices: Cosmo, Venus, Spashdown, Sunstroke
Rickety Rocket: [Laughter] Rickety Rocket!

Rickety was filled with all sorts of crime fighting gadgets, including radar, and a gloop glue squirter.

Rickety's catchphrase was "I'm a b-a-a-a-a-d rocket!"


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