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Space Hoopty - Wreck of a starship featured on the sci-fi comedy HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE/UPN/1996-97.

Space Hoopty - Opening Scene - HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE

Space Hoopty - Opening Scene - HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE

Used Space Ship Lot - Space Hoopty - Opening Scene - HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE

The two-man crew of this 23rd century spacecraft included :

  • Flex Alexander as Tyberius Walker
  • Darryl M. Bell as Morris Clay

The Space Hoopty was controlled by a sassy onboard computer entity called Loquatia (Rhona L. Bennett) who appeared on the ship's TV monitors.

When not flying through the space corridors, the Space Hoopty was cooling its jets outside the Jupiter Too bar, the homeboy's favorite watering hole.

Theme Song Lyrics

This is how it all began
The true story of two good friends
Since the age of five it's been their dream
To run a starship as a team
Well everything was going cool
Until a minor mishap at space flight school
They bought a ship with their refund
And now their having fun
As Homeboys in Outer Space
Mercenary brothers
Down for one another
There's no mission too tall
Ain't no problem they can't solve
So come aboard their Space Hoopty
In the 23rd century
Homeboys in Outer Space.
Homeboys. Yeah.



Publicity shots for HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE

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