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Spindrift - The Sub-orbital craft (Flight No. 612) known as "The Spindrift"  on the science fiction adventure LAND OF THE GIANTS/ABC/1968-70.

Spindrift Spacecraft - LAND OF THE GIANTS

The Spindrift was transporting passengers from the United States to London on June 12, 1983 when a ripple in space and time transported the crew and ship into another dimension filled with humanoid giants 12 times their size.

Cockpit Scene - LAND OF THE GIANTS

"Come in London. Do you read me? This is flight 612 to London Control A. We've hit a solar turbulence area and it's jamming your radio band. Can you switch to an alternate range, over...Nothing...It's getting rougher by the minute...What is?...What's happening to us?...What's that thing?..." - Episode No. 1 "The Crash"

The crew and passengers of the Spindrift included:

  • Captain Steve Burton (Gary Conway)
  • Co-pilot Dan Erikson (Don Marshall)
  • Stewardess Betty Hamilton (Heather Young)
  • Mark Wilson (Don Matheson), engineer-tycoon
  • Valerie Scott (Deanna Lund),  jet-set heiress
  • Barry Lockridge (Stefan Arngrim), a 12-year old
  • Chipper, Barry's dog
  • Cdr. Alexander Fitzhugh (Kurt Kasznar), a mystery passenger

As the passengers of the Spindrift struggled to find a way home, they were pursued by a giant security agent named Inspector Kobrick (Kevin Hagen) of the S.I.B..

Crashlanded Spindrift Spacecraft - LAND OF THE GIANTS


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