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Stardust I - Astronaut Captain Anthony "Tony" Nelson (Larry Hagman) was sent into outer space in the Stardust I spacecraft on the situation comedy I DREAM OF JEANNIE/NBC/1965-70.

Tony prepares for his launch into space

Tony dons his astrounaut helmet

Tony launches into space

Tony prepares for his launch into space

Control Room: All systems A-O-K. Ten seconds to firing... 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Lift off. [The rocket has a problem] Final stage misfired. He won't be able to maintain orbit.
Capt. Roger Healey: Control to Stardust I. Control to Stardust I. Come in Tony.
Capt. Tony Nelson: Stardust I to Control.
Capt. Roger Healey: Your final stage rocket misfired. We're gonna  have to bring you back.
General Stone: This is General Stone. We have an emergency. Stardust I is coming down. Alert the 7th Fleet.
-- Dialog from episode "The Lady in the Bottle"

Animation from Opening Credits - I DREAM OF JEANNIE
Opening animation where Tony meets Jeannie

Upon reentry, his capsule splashed down near a tropical desert island in the South Pacific where he found an ancient bottle on the beach. When he pulled on the stopper, out popped a beautiful female genie dressed in a harem costume. Her name was Jeannie. At first, Tony thought he was suffering from hallucinations, but soon realized otherwise.

TRIVIA NOTE: Stardust was also the name of a spacecraft (fashioned after the design of the NASA space shuttle) in the Disney feature film Unidentified Flying Oddballs (1979).

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