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Thunderbirds - Rescue organization (a.k.a. "International Rescue") seen on the puppet series THUNDERBIRDS/SYN/1964-66.


Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, The Thunderbirds is a worldwide rescue team operated by the Jeff Tracy, a former astronaut and his grown sons.

With a fleet of sophisticated air rescue vehicles and a space monitoring station, the Tracy family based on a remote Pacific atoll, accepted a variety of difficult and often dangerous rescue missions.  The  nemesis of The Thunderbirds is a sinister group called "The Hood."

The Thunderbird fleet included:

  • Thunderbird I (piloted by Scott Tracy), a scout craft that takes off vertically and travels to speeds of 7000 mph

  • Thunderbird II (piloted by Virgil Tracy), a slow moving air-cargo ship

  • Thunderbird III (piloted by Alan Tracy), an aircraft with laser radio scanners that can fly into outer space

  • Thunderbird IV (piloted by Gordon Tracy), a submersible vehicle stored in Thunderbird II

  • Thunderbird V (piloted by John Tracy), an orbiting satellite station for global communications.

The Thunderbirds

Assisting International Rescue is the lovely London-based agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward. Her 200 mph pink Rolls Royce is filled with all sorts of gadgets (machine gun, bullet proof glass, a la James Bond).

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