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Circuits of Time Phone Booth - On the sci-fi fantasy series BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES/FOX/1992, rock musicians William "Bill" Preston (Evan Richards) and his teenage pal Theodore "Ted" Logan (Christopher Kennedy) travel through time in a specially designed phone booth called the "Circuits of Time Phone Booth."

Circuits of Time Phone Booth - BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE

When they wanted to transport themselves somewhere in the past or future they entered the booth, closed the door and dialed the number 7560. When they arrived at their destination, they placed an "Out of Order" sign on the booth to protect it.

The "Circuits of Time Phone Booth" was the invention of a futuristic society based in the year 2692 founded on the philosophies of the "The Wyld Stallyns" [Bill & Ted's 20th century rock group].

To protect the Bill & Ted [a.k.a. "the Holy Ones,"] the regular "Holy Ones" from the future assigned Rufus (Rick Overton) to safeguard Bill & Ted and thus preserve the peace and harmony of the future. As revered "Holy Ones," Bill & Ted's perks included access to the Circuits of Time Phone Booth in which they had many "most excellent" adventures.

The series is based upon the motion picture of the same name starring George Carlin as Rufus, Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston and and Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan. A syndicated animated series based on the film also aired from 1990-91. See also "TARDIS"

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