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Crime Traveller Time Machine - On the short-lived but exciting sci-fi series CRIME TRAVELLER/BBC/1997 police science officer Holly Turner (Chloe Annett) and maverick police detective Jeff Slade (Michael French)  traveled back in time to solve crimes.

Crime Traveller Time Machine

They take their excursions via a time machine created by Holly's father, Frederick Turner, an eccentric quantum physics professor.

Unfortunately, he disappeared in a loop of infinity and Holly took up her father's research in hope of retrieving him from his temporal purgatory.

Holly kept her father's invention a secret until one day she revealed its existence to fellow police officer Jeff Slade. Holly had traveled back in time to prove Slade innocent of false charges that were about to destroy his career.

Grateful and curious as to how Holly got the evidence that exonerated him, Slade pushed Holly to explain how she could be at two places at once. Reluctantly, Holly agreed to show Jeff the Time Machine.

Holly's time machine was nothing grand in the sci-fi tradition but rather a jumble of wires, circuitry, crystals and DIY technology that cluttered Holly's apartment.

The secret to the invention was a watch that synchronized with the machine's temporal fields and a set of time rules that could not be broken. Holly's machine generates a tachyon bombardment that creates a wormhole and thus allowed travelers to enter the past.

The following dialogue from the first episode "Jeff Slade & The Loop of Infinity" summarizes the machines capabilities.

Slade: How far will it send me back? 
Turner: No way of saying, could be a few hours, could be a week  
Slade:  A week! how will I get back again? 
Turner: You wait seven days, simple as that. You just live the same seven days twice. 
Slade:  Will I get to meet myself? 
Turner: Not unless you want to cause a temporal schism 
Slade: Oh dear, wouldn't want that....What else do I need to know? 
Turner:  We have to be back at the machine at the same moment, and I mean the same half second that we left.
Slade:  Go on. 
Turner:  If we're late getting back, we'll be trapped in a loop of infinity. Always living the same days, traveling back in time and doing it all again. 
Slade:  What's this? (picks up the timer) 

It's crucial to the whole Crime Traveller Watchthing...Just get this into your head. This watch is synchronized with the machine. It'll beep once when we have an hour left, then continuously for the last three minutes. We have to be back in this room by then. 

  [...later Holly puts the timer back on the time machine. A ring of light fills the room] 
Slade: Are we back?  
Turner: We're back
Slade: Phew! 
Turner: You're not injured anymore. Your head! 
Slade:  [touches his head, and looks at reflection in a glass panel] It's gone! How come? 
Turner: Parallel dimensions. You weren't injured when you left. So your not injured now. 
Slade: You know, you really are a genius 
Turner: And you are completely irresponsible. We could have been killed 
Slade: It's fantastic. You traveled in time. I traveled in time! We did it.

Crime Traveller Machine Crime Travellers Crime Traveller Machine
Crime Travellers & their Time Machine

Although Holly and Slade could access the past, they needed to be aware of certain laws of physics that could not be violated. Holly's father was the victim of such an oversight.

The basic rules of time as mentioned on the series include the following mandates:

1. You can't change the past, whatever happened will happen. 
2. You must be back at the machine the same moment you left it. If not you will be stuck in a repeating loop of infinity, doomed to live the same time again and again. (This is what happened to Holly's father]
3. You cannot exist in more than two time zones at any given time. Thus if you travel back only three minutes, but you want to travel back further you can't. As you already exist in those three minutes twice. 
4. In order to get back to the time you left, you must re-live the past. 
5. You can never meet yourself in the past. This would have terrible consequences which will seriously effect your health...and everyone else's! 
6. And finally, You can't cheat! - Time won't let you. So you couldn't go back in time to get the winning horse or lottery number. 

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