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Time Express - An eerie, supernatural train designed to carry its passengers back in time to important moments in their past on the occult drama TIME EXPRESS/CBS/1979.


Based at the Los Angeles Union Station, the Time Express departed from gate "Y," Track 13. The Time Express crew members included:

  • James Reynold as Conductor Robert Jefferson ("R.J.") Walker
  • William Edward Phipps as the engineer E. Patrick Callahan
  • Woodrow Parfey as the Ticket Agent
  • Vincent Price and his wife, Coral Browne as Jason and Margaret, the train's on board hosts who supervised the  passengers trips through the misty corridors of time.

Passage aboard the Time Express was controlled by an unknown mysterious man who was never seen. Similar to eccentric millionaire John Beresford Tipton on THE MILLIONAIRE/CBS/1955-60 who chose people at random to receive a million tax-free dollars, this mysterious benefactor chose people whose past needed second chances.

Those selected were given a ticket and told to report to the Time Express for their excursion into the past.

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