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Terra - The 30th century spacecraft featured on the sci-fi series SPACE PATROL/ABC/1951-52/SYN/1952-55 

Commander Buzz Corry holds amodel of Terra V - SPACE PATROL

The crew of the Terra included

  • Ed Kemmer as Commander Buzz Corry
  • Lynn Osborn as Cadet Happy, the co-pilot

The Terra took off and landed horizontally from the Space Patrol's headquarters on the artificial planet known as Terra that was located midway between Earth and Mars.

Working for the organization of United Planets, the Space Patrol was responsible for monitoring the space corridors of Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury.

Terra I though Terra IV were shot out from under Commander Corry during the series run. Terra V was the last space ship in the series. It was equipped with a Paralyzer Ray and a time drive. Buzz Corry's first ship was the Battle Cruiser 100.

Another ship used on the series was the XRC (Experimental Rocket Ship) also called the Rocket Cockpit Ship, equipped with a magnetically controlled time drive. Ray-O-Vac Co. circa 1950s manufactured an "Official Space Patrol Rocket Lite," a 12-inch silver metal flashlight resembling the Space Patrol rocketship Terra. See also - CONTESTS: "Space Patrol"

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