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Time Cop's Time Sled  - Time Travel device featured on the sci-fi series TIMECOP/ABC/1997.

T.W. King as Jack Logan - TIMECOP

The series starred the adventures of cocky Timecop Jack Logan (T. W. King) who worked for the Time Enforcement Commission in the year 2007. His mission: to hunt down rogue time travelers and bring them to justice before they can alter the past and thus change history.

"The year 2007, time travel is a reality and it's fallen into criminal hands. With history itself at risk the United States has formed the Time Enforcement Commission, a top secret agency responsible for policing the temporal stream. An elite team of agents track unlawful travelers across time, their mission: protect the past preserve the future. These agents are known as Timecops."

To accomplish his mission Logan traveled back into time on a time sled. Mounted on rails much like an amusement park ride, the time sled would accelerate towards a wall and just as it appears the sled would crash through it, the time sled time warped into another reality.

What's a typical day in the life of a Timecop? Well, according to a press release for the show:

"Imagine spending the morning sailing to the New World with Christopher Columbus, the afternoon witnessing JFK's assassination, and the evening coming back home to the year 2007. It's all in a day's work for the Timecops, who police the time continuum for criminals looking to change the course of history. Your assignments are not always clear, and if you don't get your suspect, or if you leave something unfinished, the consequences can be severe."

T.W. King as Jack Logan - TIMECOP

During his stint as a Timecop, Logan chased a variety of criminals from rogue Timecops to master assassins, including the time:

  • Logan wanted to rectify a mistake he made thirty year earlier goes back in time to discover where a jewel thief hid some jewels. Consequently, Logan teams up with the younger version of the detective to thwart the future version of himself from changing history.
  • Logan pursued Ian Pascoe (a.k.a. Jack the Ripper) who wreaks havoc in 1888 and number of other time lines.
  • Logan went to Hollywood, California in 1956 to stop Pascoe from murdering actress Rita Lake, who would be the mother of the 44th President of the United States. Pascoe used a time-jumping watch to maneuver through time continuum.
  •  Logan travels to 1977 to stop an attempted diamond heist.
  • Twin brothers plot a return to 1939 to sink a luxury liner with a hidden cache of gold
  • Logan and Hemmings travel to 1990 to investigate a missing co-worker who may be involved in a sabotage scheme against the TEC.

Time Sled - TIMECOP
Time Sled

"In the past, things were simpler. There's black and white, right and wrong. There's good and evil. But, that's history. We're not allowed to change history" -- Jack Logan

TRIVIA NOTE: The TV series is based on the 1994 movie Timecop starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Max Walker a police officer in the year 2004 whose job was to go into the past and stop other time travelers from changing history.

Jean Claude Van Damme - TIMECOP Movie Poster

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