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U.F.O. - Outer space intruders who covet Earth's resources featured on the British sci-fi series U.F.O./SYN/1970.

Alien Space Ship - U.F.O.

When an alien spacecraft approaches Earth, they are detected by an orbiting satellite named S.I.D. (Space Intruder Detector) that alerts  S.H.A.D.O. defenses. Moon Base Control launches Interceptors to destroy their craft. If the alien craft manages to enter Earth's atmosphere, they are pursued by Skydiver, a submarine and a variety of armored land vehicles.

Why the aliens attack earth is a mystery for they have not officially communicated any of their  motives. Visually, the aliens wear helmets and red space suits adorned with silver chain links. The bodies within the suits have green tinted skin.

It believed that the alien bodies are actually humans that have been abducted from Earth to be used as hosts/vessels for the aliens non-corporeal forms. It is theorized that the aliens are diminishing in number and so need the human bodies to maintain their race.

Autopsy of Alien Intruder - U.F.O.
Autopsy of body found in alien space suit

U.F.O. aliens in red space suit

TRIVIA NOTE: U.F.O. is the acronym for an Unidentified Flying Object - an object seen in the sky whose appearance can not be explained by logical means.

Many of these sightings turn out to be the sun reflecting off of airplanes, or strange cloud formations or weather balloons. However, some have not been explained and have given rise to stories of visitors from other worlds who fly about in cigar shaped spacecraft that obtain speeds unheard of on this planet.

In the 1940s the United States Air Force set up an agency to deal with these sightings called "Project Bluebook" (disbanded in 1969).

Executive producer Jack Webb sifted through these files and from the 30% of the sightings that were never fully explained, he created the sci-fi drama PROJECT U.F.O./NBC/1978. Colonel William T. Coleman, a former Head of Project Bluebook, produced the series.


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