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Fictional Bowling Teams at a Glance
Bowling Team Members Program
Cannonballers The name of the bowling team that Archie Bunker wanted to join. When he had the chance to get on the team, the team chose a black guy to avoid trouble with discrimination. When Archie found out he didn't make the team, Moose Hansen, the head Cannonballer said, "You have to admit, Archie. He really looks good in yellow." The back of the team's yellow shirts sported an image of a cannon shooting down pins.  All in the Family
Water Buffalo Lodge Bowling Team The Water Buffalo Lodge Bowling Team. Members include Fred Flintstone and his friend Barney Rubbles. Fred is called "Twinkle Toes." Fred's rival is Blowhard Sandstone, the house champion whom Fred finally beats. with the help of Barney (who was invisible) The Flintstones
The Hurricanes The Brooklyn fraternal organization the Water Buffalo Lodge had a bowling team named "The Hurricanes." Its members included bus driver Ralph Kramden and sewer worker Ed Norton. On the first episode, Ralph gets his thumb stuck in his bowling. Ralph's justification for bowling was "exercise is good for me to keep my weight down." But, Ralph's wife, Alice believes "You don't need anything to keep your weight down. You need something to hold it up." The Honeymooners
Hot Shotz Laverne DeFazio and her friend/roommate work at Shotz Brewery in Milwaukee. Their company holds an annual bowling tournament (first mentioned on Episode #3 "Bowling for Razzberries") Laverne's team members included Shirley, Tina and Mildred. Shirley takes nine "lucky" steps before letting go of her ball. The name of Laverne's bowling rival is Karen Klochton who plays for the "Hot Shotz". Laverne DeFazio's father owns the Pizza Bowl, a pizza parlor with a bowling alley. Laverne & Shirley
Gary's Angels Al  Bundy, a henpecked husband with two children and a dog works for Gary's Shoes in a Chicago mall. The company bowling team is called "Gary's Angels."  Members include his coworker Griff, Al's next-door neighbor; Jefferson; Al's friend Bob; and  Bud Bundy, Al's son. Al once enlisted the aid of his neighbor Steve Rhoades to play on the team under the guise of Al's cousin Steve Bundy. When the annual  championships approach Al says, "In ten days we bowl for the championship which means we start intense training Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Beer are in, protect your bowling arm at all times Sex before the match is out ... Unless of course you can keep it secret from the wives." Al wears "Lucky" bowling socks" and believes that A. Earl Anthony 5000 are the best bowling shoe brand. One rival team was "A.J.'s Casketeria" (members  Milt, Marv, Mort, Mel). Jim's Bowling Alley was Al's favorite bowling alley. He and his friends used to bowl there on Thursday until that day became "Women's Day." This indignity fueled Al and friends to form NO MA'AM, a women haters group. Married with Children
Pin Pals Homer Simpson lives in Springfield, USA and bowls on his company bowling team called "Pin Pals." Their rival teams included the DMV Regulation Kings (members included Homer's sister-in-laws Patty and Selma); the Springfield Police Farmers (members included Police Chief Wiggum and Lou, Eddie and Snake); and The Holy Rollers (members includes the Lovejoys and the Flanders).  The Simpsons

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