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Friends Fountain - Large circular fountain seen on the situation comedy FRIENDS/NBC/1994-2004.

Friends Fountain  - Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers and NBC
[L to R] Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler

At the opening and closing of each episode, the cast of the series is seen dancing and frolicking in a fountain. This activity is counterbalanced by the lyrics from the theme song "Ill Be There For You" written by Allee Willis and performed by The Rembrandts.

At the end of the spot, the show's cast members pull out multi-colored umbrellas and pop them open. Reportedly, these fountain hijinx took place at 5 O'clock one morning.

One might assume that the fountain is located in New York City where the TV characters lived, but in reality, the fountain is located at the Warner Ranch at 401 N. Hollywood Way, about a half mile from the studio in Burbank, California where the series was filmed.

TRIVIA NOTE: In the center of the fountain four large fish surround the base of the platform, their tails soaring upward as to hold the large circular dish from which the water squirts skyward.

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