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The Gnomes of Dulwich - Concrete garden gnomes featured on the   British comedy  THE GNOMES OF DULWICH/BBC/1969 (six episodes beginning 12 May 1969 to 16 June 1969).

The Gnomes of Dulwich - Photograph Courtesy of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

The gnomes lived in a garden at 25 Telegraph Road, Dulwich, London. where they observed and interfered in the lives of the local humans while gossiping about the European plastic gnomes recently installed in the adjacent gardens.

The gnomes included:

  • Terry Scott as the Big gnome
  • Hugh Lloyd as the Small gnome
  • John Clive as the Old gnome
  • Leon Thau as the Plastic gnome, one of the newcomers.

Written by Jimmy Perry and produced by Sidney Lotterby and Graeme Muir, the series supposedly was a satire on the Common Market (with the new European gnomes from the neighboring garden considered a constant threat). It  aired on BBC2.

TRIVIA NOTE: If you like Gnomes look for an Anglia TV children's video from 1975 entitled "Baldmoney, Sneezewort, Dodder and Cloudberry." It was based on the books "The Little Green Men" (1942) and "Down the Bright Stream" (1948) written by BB (pseudonym of D.J. Watkins-Pitchford).

The central characters were the last gnomes in Britain. They lived by a bubbling brook, under an oak tree which grows on the banks of the Folly. Psst! Their strange sounding names are based on plants, roots and herbs that grow wild in the English countryside. See also - The Flower Pot Men

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