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Rocky & Bullwinkle Statue - Dedicated to the  popular cartoon characters Rocky, the flying squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose (residents of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota) who were the stars of their own animated series ROCKY AND HIS FRIENDS/ABC/1959-61 and THE BULLWINKLE SHOW/NBC/1961-64/ABC/1964-73.

Bullwinkle and Rocky Statue on Sunset Boulevard

The 15-foot-tall plaster statue of the stands outside the former business offices of Jay Ward Productions at 8218 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California (Sunset between Havenhurst and Roxbury Rd., south side).

In the 1960s, the statue of Rocky and Bullwinkle saluted a once-existing billboard for a Las Vegas hotel, which featured a showgirl in a bathing suit. Whenever the showgirl got a new bathing suit, Bullwinkle got a new one with colors to match.

Rocky standing on Bullwinkle's hand

Circling the base of the statue, are the elbow prints in concrete of Jay Ward's staff including Bill Scott, the voice of Bullwinkle. The elbow prints of legendary cartoonist Walt Disney are also found there.

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