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Cetacean - Special deep-diving undersea explorer craft used to probe the ocean floor and it mysteries on the maritime sci-fi adventure THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS/NBC/1977-78

The Ceatacean Attacked by a Giant Squid - Cover Illustration from THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS Jig Saw Puzzle Box
The Cetacean Attacked by Giant Squid

 Cruising at the speed of 10 knots, the Cetacean resembled four large spheres each interconnected with tubular passageways (a shish kabob of bubble-shaped compartments).

The forward pod sported a windowed observation deck where the pilot sat in raised swivel seats. A powerful set of spotlights illuminated the sub's way in the underwater darkness. The second and third spheres housed the experimental and living quarters. Diver exited and entered the ship beneath the second sphere. A large propeller protruded from the end of the last sphere. A long spine of metal running on top of and the length of the craft (with conning tower and rudder fin) added structural integrity to the bubble shaped submersible.

The Cetacean was owned by the Foundation for Oceanic Research located atop a seaside bluff at Hastings Point. They docked the Cetacean in a subterranean sea base facility 200 feet below. It cost $15,000 each time they launched the ship, but they had a $12 million operating budget.

Jean Marie Hon as Jane the Cetacean Communications Officer - THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS
Jane, the Communications Officer

The Cetacean's crew included Dr. Elizabeth Merrill (Belinda J. Montgomery) a Foundation scientist; Jane, the ship's young communication officer (Jean Marie Hon); Chuey (J. Victor Lopez); and Jomo, the black helmsman (Richard Wiliams).

Mark Harris (Patrick Duffy) a lone survivor from the undersea kingdom of Atlantis (who possessed webbed fingers and lungs filled with gill tissues to extract oxygen from the sea water) often accompanied the Cetacean's crew on their expeditions.

During their undersea adventures they encountered diabolical fiends, extraterrestrials and a mad scientist named Mr. Schubert (Victor Buono) who wanted to experiment on Mark Harris and see what made him tick.

Cetacean on cover of 'Man from Atlantis' Novel
Novelization with Cetacean on Cover

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