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Pegasus - Small manned submarine featured on the maritime adventure PRIMUS/SYN/1971.

Robert Brown as Carter Primus

The Pegasus was owned by Carter Primus (Robert Brown), a global underwater troubleshooter based in Nassau. Assisted by his sidekick Charlie Kingman (Will Kuluva) and a pretty assistant Toni Hayden (Eva Renzi), Primus photographed the ocean floor, searched for old sea wrecks, and on occasion even thwarted the plans of madmen like a rogue Soviet submarine commander who wanted to launch missiles on the United States.

Primus Primus

Among his arsenal of oceanic equipment was the Pegasus, a small submarine used for exploration and photographic survey of the ocean floor; another portable sub called Shark Hunter, Big Kate, a saucer shaped underwater robot that can dig samples from the ocean bottom or carry artifacts to the surface; the Tegtight, his base of operations; Dagat, his mother ship; and the Orka, his sea sled/patrol boat.

Robert Brown as Carter Primus

The PRIMUS series ran for 26 episode. It was created by Ivan Tors, the man other maritime adventures like SEA HUNT/SYN/1957-61 and FLIPPER/NBC/1964-68.

TRIVIA NOTE: In Greek mythology, Pegasus was the white winged horse that sprang from the head of Medusa. The Greek hero Bellerophon attempted to ride Pegasus to Mt. Olympus, but was crippled and blinded when he was thrown from his mount.

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