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SeaQuest DSV - 1000 foot long research submarine on the science fiction adventure SEAQUEST DSV/NBC/1993-96.

Submarine - SEAQUEST DSV

The SeaQuest DSV (Deep Submergence Vehicle) roamed the oceans of A.D. 2018 maintaining peace and colonizing the sea for the United Earth/Oceans Organization.

Designed and commanded by Captain Nathan Hale Bridger (Roy Scheider), the ship's could travel at speeds of 160 knots (submerged), had a crush depth of 25,000 feet and was armed with 50 mark 75 variable charge plasma torpedoes,16 Triton ll long range tactical nuclear missiles and defensive Mark V intercept torpedoes - all which can be launched from any nine of the ship's torpedo tubes. The overall shape of the SeaQuest submarine resembled a large squid shooting through the ocean's depths.

"The 21st Century...Mankind has colonized the last unexplored region on Earth...The oceans. As Captain of the seaQuest and her crew, we are its guardians...For beneath the surface...Lies the Future."
                                  --Captain Nathan Hale Bridger

The ship also housed a number of mechanical support vehicles including 8 sea launch transport mini-subs, 4 sea speeder transport/pursuit/attack mini-subs, one prototype "Stinger," a high speed mini-sub, and 8 sea crab repair/exploration mini-subs.

Stinger Sub Sea Vessel - SEAQUEST DSV

The SeaQuest's 232 crew members (20 officers & 212 enlisted) included

  • Don Franklin as Cdr. Ford, the second in command;
  • Stacy Haiduk as Lt. Cdr. Katherine Hitchcock, the chief engineer
  • Ted Raimi as Lt. (J.G.) Tim O'Neil, the communication specialist
  • Marco Sanchez as Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz, the sonarman
  • Royce D. Applegate as Chief Manilow Cracker, the security chief.
  • Stephanie Beacham as Dr. Kristin Westphalen, the ship's chief science officer
  • Jonathan Brandis as Lucas Wolenczak, a 16-year-old techno-genius who befriends Ensign Darwin, a talking bottle-nosed dolphin who lives in a tank of his own inside the sub.

Crew of the SEAQUEST DSV

The SeaQuest (Registry: Fort Gore, Florida) was destroyed at the end of the first season and replaced by a smaller vehicle with a different design.

In the fall of 1995 the time frame shifted to the future thus the new title SEAQUEST 2032. The ship was now commanded by Michael Ironside as Captain Oliver Hudson. New crew were added including

  • Rosalind Allen as Dr. Wendy Smith, a biologist with ESP abilities;
  • Edward Kerr as Lt. James Brody, a special weapons and tactics expert
  • Kathy Evison as first-tour Ensign Loni Ellen Henderson
  • Michael DeLuise as Tony Piccolo, a genetically-altered human with gills
  • Peter DeLuise as Dagwood the ship's janitor "forever in search of a heart," who was the by-product of a genetics test-tube-experiment to create a warrior group known as "Daggers."

19.5 inch Seaqest DSV model by Monagram Models

19.5 inch Seaqest DSV model by Monagram Models

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