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Stingray - Submarine set in the year 2064 on the science fiction puppet adventure STINGRAY/SYN/1964-65.

Stingray Submarine - World Aquanaut Security Patrol

The Stingray was a 60-foot long, atomic-powered underwater patrol vessel of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP). It was designed to protect the surface world from attacks from the undersea kingdom of Titanica.

"Stand by for action!...We are about to launch... STINGRAY!"

Built of corrosion resistant titanium, the Stingray traveled at 400 knots per hour on the surface; 600 knots per hour submerged; and carried 16 sting missiles with the explosive power of 1,000 tons of TNT. It required only a crew of two and could stay underwater for up to six months. To monitor their surroundings, Stingray's crew used the Surface Video Scan (SVS).

Captain Troy Tempest - STINGRAY 'Phones' Sheridan - STINGRAY
Captain Troy Tempest "Phones" Sheridan

The ship's crew included:

  • Captain Troy Tempest (Don Mason) who replaced an injured Captain Bradley Holden (Code Name: Captain Grey), who had transferred in from Spectrum. Tempest reports to Commander Shore of the Science Patrol. They communicate via the World Videophone.
  • George Lee "Phones" Sheridan (Robert Easton), the sonar/hydrophone operator and second-in- command.

Also on hand to help was Atlanta, the red-headed daughter of Commander Shore who ran the radio dispatch at headquarters, and Merina, a non-speaking mermaid creature who inhabited the sea near Stingray's headquarters in Marineville (Pen 3).

Titan of Titanica - STINGRAY
Titan of Titanica

Titan, the 230 year old ruler of Titanica had an attack submarine called the Titan Terror Fish, (camouflaged as a fish) whose hull was made of coral titanium. Its torpedoes were packed with eight hundred tons of coralanic explosives. With his army of Aquaphibians and his fleet of mechanical fish, Titan threatened the Terran world above.

Troy Tempest Held by Titan's Hemchmen - STINGRAY
Tempest held by Titan's henchmen

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