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Voyager - Nuclear powered submarine in the sci-fi animated series FANTASTIC VOYAGE/ABC/1968-70.

Voyager submarine - Cover of 20th Century Fox FANTASTIC VOYAGE VHS Box

The Voyager belonged to a secret government project named the Combined Miniature Defense Force (C.M.D.F.). When required, the ship collapsed in size to microscopic levels to fight the enemies of our government and the world.

The Voyager had a bubble canopy on top of the ship to provide a 360 degree view and a forward observation deck to see what was up ahead.

The members of C.D.M.F. included:

  • Jonathan Kidd, the mission commander (Ted Knight)
  • Guru, a turbaned mystic (Marvin Miller)
  • Busby Birdwell, the ship's pilot and designer (Marvin Miller)
  • Professor Carter (Ted Knight)
  • Erica Stone, the team's physician (Jane Webb)

Crew of the Voyager - FANTASTIC VOYAGE
Crew of the Voyager

The series was based on the book "Fantastic Voyage" written by Isaac Asimov. In the book/movie, the submarine was called the "Proteus" (USN #U91035. Exp. Oceanographic).

The story revolves around a crew of scientists aboard an atomic submarine named Voyager who are miniaturized and injected into the bloodstream of a dying man (a scientist injured by assassins) so they can travel to his brain and perform delicate surgery on an inoperable blood-clot.

The film starred Stephen Boyd as Grant, Proteus Communications Officer; Arthur Kennedy as Dr. Peter Duval, Surgeon; Raquel Welch as Cora Peterson, Dr. Dr. Duval's shapely medical assistant; William Redfield as Captain Bill Owens, Proteus Commander; and Donald Pleasence as Dr. Michaels, CMDF Chief of Medical Section.

A similar plotline can be found in the sci-fi comedy Inner Space (1987) starring Dennis Quaid as a test pilot and his ship who were miniaturized and injected into the body of a hypochondriac. (played by Martin Short).

TRIVIA NOTE: Historically the name Voyager has been attached to a number of vehicles. The United States spacecraft Voyager 1 flew by the planet Saturn in November 1980 and transmitted photographs back to Earth through 1 billion miles of space.

A year before, the film Star Trek: The Movie (1979) set in the year 2271 speculated that robot space probe Voyager VI had merged with an alien race of living machines who believed Voyager had been send by God to their planet ("Learn all that is learnable and return that information to the Creator."). They, in turn, built a huge space craft to house the remains of Voyager and sent it back to Earth in search of its Creator. Due to damage to its memory banks, the aliens interpreted Voyager name as "V'Ger."

The first airplane to circumnavigate the earth nonstop on a single load of rule was also named Voyager which took off on December 14, 1986 and circled the earth in nine days after traveling 25, 012 miles. Designed by Burt Turan, the plane weighed 1,858 pounds (without fuel) and had a wingspan of 110 feet. Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager piloted the two-man craft to its historic conclusion. See also - LARGE SPACECRAFT - "Voyager"

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