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 Time Periods - 11th through 18th Century
Program Time Period
11th Century
Tales of the Vikings/SYN/1960-61 c1000
12th Century
The Adventures of Robin Hood/ABP/1955-59 c1190
The Black Adder/BBC/1983 c1100
Cadfael/CEN/1994-96 c1190
Dark Knight/CH5/2000 c1193
Ivanhoe/SYN/1957-58 c1190
The Legend Of Robin Hood/BBC/1953 c1190
Maid Marian and Her Merry Men/BBC/1989-94 c1190
The New Adventures of Robin Hood/TNT/WB/1997-99 c1191
Richard the Lion Heart/SYN/1962-63 c1190
Robin Hood/BBC/1953 c1190
Robin of Sherwood/SHO/1984-86 c1190
When Things Were Rotten/ABC/1975 c1190
13th Century
The Adventures of William Tell/SYN/1957-58 c1290
Crossbow/CBN/1986-90 c1290
The Legend of William Tell/SYN/1991 c1290
Marco Polo/NBC/1982 c1271
William Tell/CRO/1989-90 c1290
14th Century
Covington Cross/ABC/1992 c1350
15th Century
The Borgias/BBC/1981 c1492-1503
The Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci/CBS/1972 c1452-1519
The Sword of Freedom/SYN/1957 c1400
16th Century
The Adventures of Sir Francis Drake/NBC/1962 c1570
Blackadder II/BBC/1986 c1400s
Black Arrow/SOU/1972-75 c1485
The Borgias/BBC/1981 c1492-1503
Elizabeth R/BBC/1971 c1558-1603
The First Churchills/BBC/1969 c1600s
The Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci/CBS/1972 c1452-1519
The Six Wives of Henry VIII/BBC/1970 c1509-47
17th Century
The Adventures of Don Quixote/SYN/1965 c1605
By The Sword Divided/BBC/1983-85 c1640s
Elizabeth R/BBC/1971 c1558-1603
Further Adventures Of The Musketeers/BBC/1967 c1620
Gay Cavalier/A-R/1957 c1642-48
Pirate Tales/TBS/1997 c1650s
The Three Musketeers/BBC/1954 c1620
The Three Musketeers/SYN/1956 c1620
The Three Musketeers/BBC/1966-67 c1620
18th Century
The Adventures of Long John Silver/SYN/1955-56 c1700s
Against The Wind/SYN/1978 c1796
Blackadder The Third/BBC/1987 cLate 1700s
The Buccaneers/CBS/1956-57 c1720
Casanova/BBC/1971 c1755-1798
Daniel Boone/NBC/1964-70 c1770
Daniel Boone/ABC/1960-61 c1770
Dick Turpin/LWT/1979-80 & 1982 c1700s
Hard Times/GRA/1977 c1750-1850s
Hawkeye/SYN/1994-95 c1755
Hawkeye & the Last of the Mohicans/ITV/1957 c1750
Kidnapped/HTV/1979 c1746
The Last of the Mohicans/BBC/1972 c1750
Napoleon And Josephine: A Love Story/ABC/1987 c1794-1814
Northwest Passage/NBC/1958-59 c1754-59
The Return To Treasure Island/DIS/1986 c1700s
Rogues' Gallery/GRA/1968-69 1750s
Roots/ABC/1977 c1750-1865
The Scarlet Pimpernel/SYN/1955-56. c1790-92
Tomahawk/SYN/1957 c1700
Young Daniel Boone/CBS/1977 c1750
The Young Rebels/ABC/1970-71 c1777
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