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19th Century
Action in the Afternoon/CBS/1953-54 c1890
The Adventures of Black Beauty/SYN/1972-73 c1877
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr./FOX/1993-94 c1893
The Adventures of Jim Bowie/ABC/1956-58 c1830
The Adventures of Kit Carson/SYN/1951-55 c1880
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin/ABC/1954-59 c1880
The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes/GUI/1954-55 c1897
The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes/GRA/1984 c1897
The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok/SYN/1951-56 c1870
Alias Smith & Jones/ABC/1971-73 c1890
The Alaskans/ABC/1959-60 c1890
Albert And Victoria/YTV/1970-71 Victorian Era London
The Americans/NBC/1961 c1861-65
Anna and the King/CBS/1972 c1862
The Barbary Coast/ABC/1975-76 c1870
Bat Masterson/NBC/1958-61 c1880
Beau Geste/BBC/1982 c1880s
Best of the West/ABC/1981-82 c1865
Big Valley/ABC/1965-69 c1870
Black Saddle/NBC/ABC/1959-60 c1860
Bonanza/NBC/1959-73 c1860s
Boots and Saddles/SYN/1957-58 c1870
Bordertown/FAM/1989-91 c1880s
Born to the Wind/NBC/1982 c1825
Branded/NBC/1965-66 c1871
Brave Eagle/CBS/1955-56 c1860
Bret Maverick/NBC/1981-82 c1880
Broken Arrow/ABC/1956-58 c1870
Bronco/ABC/1958-62 c1860
The Buccaneers/BBC/1995 c1870s
Buckskin/NBC/1958-59 c1880
Buffalo Bill, Jr./SYN/1955 c1891
The Californians/NBC/1957-59 c1849-54
Call of the Wild/ANI/2000 c1898
The Campbells/CTV/FAM/1985-89. c1830s
The Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes/GRA/1991-93 c1897
Casey Jones/SYN/1957 c1890
Catherine Cookson's The Mallens/GRA/1979-80 c1800s
Cheyenne/ABC/1955-63 c1860
Cimarron City/NBC/1958-59 c1890
Cimarron Strip/CBS/1967-68 c1880
Circus Boy/NBC/ABC/1956-58 c1890
The Cisco Kid/SYN/1950-56 c1890
Colt.45/ABC/1957-60 c1880
Count of Monte Cristo/SYN/1955-56 c1830
Cowboy G-Man/SYN/1952-53 c1880
The Cowboys/ABC/1974 c1870
The Dakotas/ABC/1963 c1865
Davy Crockett/ABC/1954-55 c1810
Davy Crockett/NBC/1988-89 c1810
Deadwood/HBO/2004-2006 c1876
Death Valley Days/SYN/1952-75 c1800
The Deputy/NBC/1959-61 c1880
Destry/ABC/1964 c1860
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre/CBS/1956-61 c1800
Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman/CBS/1993-98 c1865
The Duchess of Duke Street/BBC/1976-77 c1870s
Dundee and the Culhane/CBS/1967 c1870
Dusty's Trail/SYN/1973 c1880
Edward The Seventh (Edward The King)/ATV/1975 c1840-1910
F Troop/ABC/1965-67 c1866
The Fall of Eagles/BBC/1974 c1880-1920
Far Pavilions/HBO/1984 cLate 1800s
Father Murphy/NBC/1981-84 c1870
The Forsyte Saga/BBC/1967 c1879-1926
Frontier/NBC/1955-56 c1800
Frontier/THA/1968 c1880
Frontier Circus/CBS/1961-62. c1880
The Gay Nineties Revue/ABC/1948-49 c1890
Go Go Gophers/CBS/1968-69 c1880
Goodbye Mr. Chips/BBC/1984 c1890s-1950s
The Gray Ghost/SYN/1957 c1860-65
Gun Shy/CBS/1983 c1869
The Guns of Paradise/CBS/1991 c1890
The Guns of Will Sonnett/ABC/1967-69 c1872
Gunslinger/CBS/1961 c1865
Gunsmoke/CBS/1955-75 c1873
The Hanging Gale/BBC/1995 c1846
Hannay/THA/1988-89 c1870s
Hard Times/GRA/1977 c1750-1850
Have Gun Will Travel/CBS/1957-63 c1870
Here Come the Brides/ABC/1968-70 c1870
The High Chaparral/NBC/1967-71 c1870
Hondo/ABC/1967 c1870
Hopalong Cassidy/NBC/1949-51 c1880
Hotel De Paree/CBS/1959-60 c1870
How The West Was Won/ABC/1977-79 c1860
Hudson's Bay/SYN/1958 c1880
The Irish R.M./SYN/1984 c1897
The Iron Horse/ABC/1966-68 c1870-80
Jack of All Trades/UPN/2000 c1801
Jack The Ripper/BBC/1973 c1888
Jefferson Drum/NBC/1958-59 c1850
Johnny Ringo/CBS/1959-60 c1870
Judge Roy Bean/SYN/1955-56 c1870
Klondike/NBC/1960-61 c1897-99
Kung Fu/ABC/1972-75 c1870
Lancer/CBS/1968-71 c1870
Laramie/NBC/1959-63 c1870
Laredo/NBC/1965-67 c1865
Law of the Plainsman/NBC/ABC/1959-62 c1880
The Lawman/ABC/1958-62 c1879
Legacy/UPN/1998-99 c1881
The Legend of Custer/ABC/1967 c1868-76
The Legend of Jesse James/ABC/1965-66 c1860
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp/ABC/1955-61 c1870-80
The Life & Times Of Grizzly Adams/NBC/1977-78 c1850
Life with Snarky Parker/CBS/1950 c1850
Lillie/LWT/1978 c1890
Little House: A New Beginning/NBC/1982-83. c1887
Little House on the Prairie/NBC/1974-83 c1878
Little Men/PAX/1998-99 c1871
Little Women/BBC/1972 c1860
Little Women/NBC/1979 c1860
The Lone Ranger/ABC/1949-57 c1870
The Lone Ranger/CBS/1966-69 c1860s-1890s
The Loner/CBS/1965-66 c1865
The Love School/BBC/1975 c1840-50s
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