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 Time Periods - 1st - 10th Century
Program Time Period
1st Century
A.D./NBC/1985 c37-41
I, Claudius/BBC/1976 c41-54
The Last Days of Pompeii/ABC/1984 c79
Masada/ABC/1981 c72-73
Roman Holidays/NBC/1972-73 c1st Century
Up Pompeii!/BBC/1970 c79
Warrior Queen/THA/1978 c61
2nd Century
The Eagle Of The Ninth/BBC/1977 c117
3rd Century
Knights of God/ITV/1987 c202
5th Century
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot/NBC/ABC/1956-57 c400
Arthur & The Square Knights Of The Round Table/SYN/1968 c400
Arthur Of The Britons/ITV/1972-73 c400
Roar/FOX/1997 c400
Wizards & Warriors/CBS/1983 c400
6th - 7th Century
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot/NBC/1956-57 c500-600
The Legend of Prince Valiant/FAM/1991-94 c500-600
Wizards & Warriors/CBS/1983 c500-600
10th Century
The Water Margin/BBC/1976-78 c900
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